If you are ready to feel light and
energized without the detoxing
drama, this is the par-tay for you!

Stringent cleanses and detoxes only leave you hungry, pissy and
pining for the end so you can dive right back into your coffee,
chocolate and diet coke. All you learn is that being “healthy”
seriously sucks and is no fun!

I’ll let you in on a little secret….

It is absolutely possible to deliciously detox and get that gorgeous spring clean
body without deprivation, will power or
being hungry. You’ve just got to know HOW.


During the FREE Eat, Drink, Dance and Detox Party teleclass
you will learn how to:


Jamie’s Delicious Detox blew my mind! She went way beyond just food and taught me the importance of tapping into other hungers my body is experiencing. The menus are very approachable, the cookbooks are jam-packed with delicious recipes and her handouts are plastered all over my fridge.

But it’s the calls that took it all to the next level. They are GOLD and worth every penny (and more!). I’ve listened to them again and again because they are so informative and insightful.